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arivn orsua

pwedi po bang magtanong? last time kase nung nagahanap ako ng mga give away para sa wedding di napadpad ako sa place na yan. alam niyo po ba yung number nung saint joseph's na pwesto dun?


Did you buy some of them already Sidney ? It's good for pasalubong :) when you come back to Belgium!


Oh, beautiful pictures Sydney! I love those shells. I always go there to buy gifts to bring abroad. :)


Beaucoup de plaisir à ce balader avec toi, dans les divers quartiers de Manille.


you come up with wonderful themes.


I love markets, I would love to have a root around here. I particularly like number 2


top picture for me...street photography at its best for me...


Artisanat des Visayas en particulier (les abat-jour avec des coquillages), les Capiz transparents aussi qui deviendront aussi anges délicats ou Parols traditionnels pour Noël...j'aime beaucoup tes photos Sidney. Merci. :0010:

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Filipinos are very creative. They make so many beautiful products using natural materials like capiz, shells, etc.

Great photos Sidney!


This is so Pinoy. I like the series.

Ashish Sidapara

Superb series Sidney, it brought back old memories of street markets back in Bombay!


What's fscinating is the array of things to buy. Brings back delightful memories of childhood.


It is amazing how well stocked these market stalls are. This would be a wonderful place to roam around and check out all the beautiful things for sale. Fine series.


lovely details of commerce sidney


Lots of interest in the details. I like the shells and beads.


You are really doing a Good Job showing us this sidney...Nice work

Rock Kauser

Looks like a great place to spend the day. Certainly Bren could spend a week there!


I'm thinking in all the sort of things we can find in a place like this...and I'm thinking on thr great fun it must be for a photographer like you...Great documentary once again. I'm starting to feel that I know Quiapo... :)


another favorite bargain place. brave of you to wander over there with your dslr, sidney.


Wonderful crafts. Splendid photo. Greetings.


Comme Gérard! J'aime bien me balader dans ce genre de marché! Des couleurs et des odeurs ;-)


J'aime me promener dans ce genre de marché même sans rien acheter..pour le plaisir

eric aka senor enrique

This is the best place to go to when shopping for "pasalubong" to bring back to friends and family in the States or anywhere else.

Great shots!


Il y en a pour tous les gouts.
C'est incroyable cette multitude de petites boutiques dont la concurrencedoit être serrée.


i like these slices of everyday life...fine work.

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